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Research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to the design, build and installation of their canopies, which can result in maintenance and performance difficulties, additional remedial costs and poor aesthetics - all much sooner than anticipated.

Believe it or not,...

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New builds remain attractive to buyers and demand is high

Almost 70% of people would like new build properties to be better equipped for modern living, with people citing a desire for more storage, renewable energy, and pre-wired TV and broadband. Buying a new build remains attractive – more than half of people would opt for a new build because it...

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Warring on waste

By Mike Lomax, Marketing and Communications Manager, Tarmac Last year saw a new campaign waged, one that might seem of little relevance to builders: the battle against plastic bags. A simple 5p charge was introduced to improve our collective sustainability and, importantly, to fight against waste. However this war against waste has relevance beyond the realm...
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