Blue Diamond extends Far East partner network

Blue Diamond extends Far East partner network to enable customers to take advantage of low cost supply without risk

Engineering services provider Blue Diamond has extended its network of production partners in the Far East, enabling the company to offer customers even greater scope to take advantage of Far Eastern product pricing, but without the risk of trying to find manufacturing companies and dealing direct.

In addition to their long-established manufacturing associates with a sound pedigree in producing fully customised parts and assemblies, Blue Diamond has added to its roster of manufacturers over the past decade, now providing a comprehensive network of partner companies across the Far East for standard components and materials manufactured in metal, rubber or plastic.

Blue Diamond does not set out to be a product designer, although it may well offer design suggestions for improving a product or assembly. Rather, it is to take all risk out of the process of dealing with the Far East, firstly by taking responsibility from a design-for-manufacture perspective to ensure that the product a customer wants can indeed be made to meet the application requirements, and secondly by absorbing the risk of something going wrong during production.

Working with its suppliers, Blue Diamond can provide all the benefits of global procurement for engineered machine component parts with the convenience of a single UK source, enabling companies who don’t have their own in-house resources to take ideas and concepts into volume production.

Blue Diamond director Mike Doel says: “We have over 45 years’ experience of sourcing quality products from the Far East, having recognised early on that there were opportunities for UK companies to realise significant cost savings. Today, with our extensive network of reliable suppliers, we are able to help companies take full advantage of Far Eastern procurement – companies who would otherwise be unable to source parts from low cost countries such as Taiwan and China due to lack of knowledge, inexperience or inadequate company infrastructure.”

The Blue Diamond service meets the needs of any companies looking for volume production of custom-made parts – mechanical components that cannot be bought off the shelf. Further, over the years the company has developed and grown its in-house engineering capability to help customers refine their product designs. “We work hard with our customers to produce parts that they are happy with, and then have them made in the Far East,” says Doel.

With its network of Far Eastern suppliers, Blue Diamond takes all of the risk out of the process of global procurement, mitigating the unexpected so that customers enjoy all of the savings to be reaped from manufacture in low cost economies without any of the headaches.

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