Research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to the design, build and installation of their canopies, which can result in maintenance and performance difficulties, additional remedial costs and poor aesthetics - all much sooner than anticipated.

Believe it or not, there are very few canopy manufacturers that engineer their products on a site-by-site basis, which means the product many architects and designers choose most likely hasn’t been designed, manufactured or installed for the building it will be attached to, or the ground it will sit in.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke canopies, Canopies UK is championing canopies that are engineered for purpose.

Site-specific calculations

To engineer a canopy for a specific project, your chosen manufacturing partner should conduct a comprehensive site survey consisting of a number of site-specific calculations. These measurements will determine how your canopy should be manufactured and installed in order to optimise performance, longevity and visual appearance.

Battling the elements – wind speed and snowfall

There are several variables at play when calculating wind speed and snowfall. In addition to basic wind speed and snowfall measurements, local topography, town terrain, site layout and altitude all need to be calculated when designing a canopy that will withstand the natural elements.

Problems underfoot

The footings of a typical canopy structure sit around 800mm deep, but could go down as far as one metre if the shelter requires additional support due to high winds or other factors. Below the ground variables include ground type and obstructions, such as roots and drainage systems.

Canopies UK 2Canopies that are engineered for purpose often have longer and more comprehensive guarantees, like the ten-year warranty offered on many canopies from Canopies UK. Specifying bespoke built shelters needn’t cause unnecessary work for architects and designers if the right manufacturing partner is used.


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