The only manifesto to worry about this election is yours.

As the UK General Election accelerates towards us on 8 June, the political parties race to define their manifesto. Labour released theirs early, and whilst it appears to promise many incentives, one key policy was missing: the green or environmental.

Given that the UK will fail to meet the Paris Agreement unless it cuts harmful vehicle emissions more rapidly, has already been slapped with a £300m fine for failing to meet 2010 targets, and that the latest air quality plans have been described as weak, this is a key area the new government will have to steer through – whoever’s driving.

Steve Clarke, Group Marketing Manager of Fuel Card Services commented ‘It’s now more important than ever to ensure that business owners and fleet managers have support to understand how they can become more sustainable – especially given this is going to be hot topic for whatever government gets in.”

Our “Greener Fleet Manifesto” to help drive the UK
Fuel Card Services has created its own manifesto, to help your fleet become more sustainable – and to drive the issue home for the government after the 8th June election.

1. Work out your strategy: Capturing data is the key, giving you a baseline from which to work to more effective solutions. Determine your fleet objectives by developing realistic, measurable goals. Then consider incorporating these objectives into your fleet policy documentation. Prioritise your efforts strategically. Look for the greatest opportunities in your fleet for reducing emissions first.

2. Optimise fleet use:Creating a list of each vehicle’s task and operating requirements to see if you’re using the best vehicle for the job and whether you’re optimising your fleet. Do all your vehicles need to be used all the time? Consider vehicle sharing, getting more use out of some could reduce overall costs for fuel, maintenance, insurance, and registration across your fleet – which adds up.

3. Buy the right vehicle for the job: Evaluate the total impact a new vehicle will have on your fleet. Taking a full-life approach will enable you to work out the total cost of ownership more accurately. Choosing vehicles with better fuel efficiency performance not only saves you money on fuel costs, it can also reduce your emissions. When determining the right vehicles for your fleet, your goal should be to drive down fuel and maintenance costs while increasing residual values. Look at all your options beforehand.

4. Keep your vehicles properly maintained: Keeping your vehicles properly maintained is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure fuel-efficiency and more sustainable operations. Find out where to get clean tech vehicles supported as there are limited maintenance facilities and certified technicians to work on them.

5. Change your drivers’ behaviour: Keeping your drivers informed about, and actively engaged with, your fleet’s sustainability efforts is essential to ensuring your fleet works in the most efficient way.

A full version of this manifesto will be available in the next issue of our free sustainability guide for busy fleet managers, with invaluable news and practical advice. Visit www.the register for your preview copy.

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