British builders overworked and missing holidays, research by Tarmac Cement reveals

More than 83% of British builders work more than 41 hours per week, new research by Tarmac Cement has found.

In addition, 84% of the builders surveyed said they work at least one weekend per month, with a whopping 27% working every single weekend.

And it seems the pressures of the job are getting in the way of family occasions as well. 76% of those surveyed had missed an event due to work – with 23% missing a birthday or anniversary and 27% missing a holiday.

With so many UK builders overworked and time-poor, Tarmac Cement is offering them a chance to win time off by offering cash prizes every week of £500 with bags of Blue Circle Postcrete.

Customers just need to text their receipts to 80808 to enter, with one winner drawn every week from June to the end of August.

And for those rare evenings off, every bag of Blue Circle Postcrete also gives customers the chance to win cinema tickets every day – with 500 up for grabs.

The UK’s number one ready-to-use post fixing cement, Blue Circle Postcrete is designed to save builders time. Timed tests have shown that experienced fencers can set two posts and hang a panel in less than 10 minutes.

For builders and professional landscapers who need fences built fast, Postcrete offers the durability and speed to get the job done quicker – leaving evenings and weekends free! Hang it in 10!

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