Construction workers get charged …………….

“fast charge USB ports available on 110V site equipment”

Transformer and 110 Volt junction box manufacture Site Power UK has just signed a 10 year agreement with the inventor and UK patent holder John James Philpott (Western-Super-Mare) to fit USB fast charge ports to their wide range of building site transformers and 110volt junction boxes. In the UK, construction worker’s power tools run on 110Volts, higher voltages are not allowed on Health and Safety grounds.

The only power source is the 110Volt sockets which power almost everything onsite, normal 13Amp 230Volts sockets are rarely available.

Ashley Ricketts – Managing Director of Site Power UK knows that a flat battery when you need to   phone love ones or order urgent building supplies can be really frustrating, even those lucky enough to own an I-PHONE X can keep it charged off one of our construction site USB charging ports. Even large tablets can be charged, the USB’s are the very latest style.  The licence allows for us to put USB charging ports on any 110 Volt site equipment.

These construction site transformers and 110volt junction boxes are available direct from the     manufacture, no charge is made for the charger - no pun intended!

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