Demanding professionals rate Bahco’s new saws ‘a cut above’

Following tough workplace testing by 400 independent trade professionals, coupled with major investment in advanced manufacturing technology, Bahco’s latest range of handsaws is winning praise within the UK construction industry.

With their classic, yet contemporary design, Bahco’s Superior, ProfCut and PrizeCut saws set new standards in cutting performance, long-lasting blade sharpness and their ability to cut many different materials in comfort and safety.

Manufactured in Sweden by Bahco engineers, they are available in a wide range of types, toothing and tooth pitch, with optional versions for coarse, medium, fine, precision and special cutting.

Blade lengths range from a 12” tenon, 14” veneer and 20” precision saw to 22” and 24” lengths for coarse and medium cutting. An angled nose enables better access in tight places.

Depending on the type selected the new handsaws will cut all kinds of timber, wet or dry, including tantalised wood, hard wood, plywood and thin profiles, as well as laminates, plastics, concrete, decor materials and soft metals.

Developed through Bahco’s award winning scientific Ergo™ process, the Superior’s low friction blade has the very latest NXT hardpoint toothing.  This technology builds on the success of the brand’s XT toothing to achieve smoother, straighter cuts and a higher, flatter finish with less risk of deviation from the original line and no loss of speed.

The textured, shock proof grip of the ergonomic handle, made from three high-tech materials, gives the saw a warm, comfortable feel and its 100g extra balance weight and 1.03 blade thickness provides a smoother action and maximum power transfer.

The ProfCut and PrizeCut saws have anti-slip handles inspired by the ergonomic principles of the Superior handle, offering comfortable, secure grip in all workplaces and weathers.

“Our latest handsaws set world class standards in cutting technology,” says Mark Haywood, who heads the Bahco team in the UK.

“The forthright feedback we received from more than 400 construction trade professionals, as well as from ergonomists and independent experts in tool design and manufacturing, enabled excellence to be achieved.

“Everyone at Bahco is incredibly proud of this new handsaw range. We know from our 130 years of toolmaking experience that professionals will be delighted by their feel, comfort and performance.”

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