Ecocal® TRV set to be a best seller this winter

In uncertain economic times, cost conscious householders and business owners continue to look at ways to save money on their heating bills.

Effective control of internal temperatures is one way they can avoid wasting energy and why leading plumbing products company Altecnic is seeing increasing demand for its acclaimed range of Ecocal® thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).

A-rated by TELL, a product classification system of the European thermostatic radiator valve industry, the TRVs are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications and when installed throughout a building they can significantly reduce running costs while also delivering environmental benefits.


Ecocal, manufactured to the highest quality in Italy by Altecnic’s parent company Caleffi, features a liquid filled thermostat enabling it to react very quickly to changes in room temperature. This ensures room temperatures are maintained accurately and potentially wasted energy is greatly reduced.

Chris Ramster, Trade Sales Director at Altecnic, explained: “Even when an energy-efficient boiler is installed, households could be wasting money by excessively heating rooms that are not covered by thermostats that monitor temperatures in other parts of the building.

“However, our Ecocal thermostatic radiator valves ensure temperatures are controlled room by room, cutting down on waste and reducing the strain on the central heating system – prolonging the life of the boiler and other key components.”

Both straight and angled body TRVs are available within the Ecocal range, as are decorative chromed and standard versions. A unique anti-tamper option and a ‘frost’ setting to protect pipes are all features that set Ecocal TRVs apart from the competition.

“As consumers become even more cost conscious and mindful of environmental considerations, we are seeing Ecocal being used on more and more projects from a single room renovation to multi-occupancy new builds,” Chris added.

More information about the Ecocal range is available on the Altecnic website or by telephoning 01785 218 222.

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