Engineering canopies that are fit for purpose

Research suggests many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to their canopies, which can result in maintenance and performance difficulties, additional costs and poor aesthetics.  As a leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke canopies, Canopies UK is championing canopies that have been engineered for purpose.

"With canopy suppliers aplenty offering fast installation on seemingly cost-effective ‘off the shelf’ product solutions, specifying a walkway, entrance cover, or semi-permanent building extension can be quick and easy, explains Jason Eastwood, Managing Director of Canopies UK.

"However, with product and installation quality, longevity and performance all key drivers in the specification of shelters, the canopy you choose should be engineered specifically for the building you’re designing.

The connekt system for outdoor walkways"There are very few canopy manufacturers that engineer their products on a site-by-site basis, which means the product you choose most likely hasn’t been designed, manufactured or installed for the building it’ll be attached to, or the ground it’ll sit in.”

Site-specific calculations

To engineer a canopy for a specific project, your chosen manufacturing partner should conduct a comprehensive site survey consisting of a number of site-specific calculations. These measurements determine how your canopy should be manufactured and installed in order to optimise performance, longevity and visual appearance.

Site-specific calculations take into consideration factors such as wind speed and snowfall, pre-existing trees and roots, drains, sewage and terrain type. If the canopy is being attached to a building, other factors include the age, strength, height and construction of the wall.

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