Estimating with Live Prices

Easy Price Pro produce a complete range of estimating programs that are able to accurately price all types of building work from New Builds & Extensions to Renovations, Conversions, Alterations and trade specific tasks. Every estimating program is accurate down to the last nail, easy to use and intuitive, they will do the thinking for you and ensure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. They are designed by a builder so everything is worked out in the order of the build, they are logical and very user friendly.

meaning you do not have to be a computer genius or clicking all over the place with mounting frustration to get the job priced. You just enter the basic, minimal information for the job into clearly marked boxes and the program will take care of the rest. It will calculate all the hours, material, plant and labour costs. You can tweak any of the details by using the built in tools that are on the pricing sheet. When the work is priced just access the reports that have been automatically generating whilst you were pricing the work. At the click of a button you will have summaries for you and your client, payment & work schedules, a complete material list, a bill of quantities and a written quotation.

These reports are professional and can win you more work.

You may be thinking.. that all sounds good but where do the prices that the program uses to create these estimates come from? The answer to this is live and direct from the suppliers. At the click of a button you can bring the very latest live price from several of the major suppliers directly into your program. There is no extra cost for this service it is included when you buy.

To learn more or to book a no obligation demonstration contact Easy Price Pro today Call 03333 321502 email or visit www.easypricepro.comĀ 

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