Greenworks Launches Quantity Take Off Service, Build Aviator

Greenworks Launches Quantity Take Off Service, Build Aviator

 Greenworks has launched its own quantity take off service, Build Aviator, to provide you with a quick, accurate and reliable estimate of the materials, labour and plant equipment required to complete a project.


Build Aviator directly links to products and prices available from Greenworks sister brand Jewson, ensuring that product requirements and availability go hand in hand.

The bill of quantities that is generated is set out by stage of works, material orders and product types, allowing you to successfully complete your build, based upon your design and construction drawings and specification.

The service allows housebuilders and developers to link costs to a fully compliant build specification through the Greenworks SAP software. This enables you to give more accurate details of costs, whilst spending less time pricing, and can directly link to the SAP assessment, also available from Greenworks.

The Greenworks team can also advise upon where to source the materials Build Aviator generates – saving even more time.


Marcus Jefford, Commerical Director for Greenworks said: “Build Aviator has been designed to help housebuilders and developers build more intelligently. By tying in the service to our SAP software it means that material selection and compliance can work hand in hand – helping to bridge that gap between as designed and as built.

“Making sure the end user has details of costs up front is really important as part of the relationship between client and builder. It can also save time and money by making sure only the materials required to meet the building specification are purchased.”

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