Inventor of the first electric drill and trusted German power tool manufacturer FEIN has launched its ‘Select’ initiative enabling tradesmen to build their own bespoke combo-sets from its range of cordless tools, as well as upgrading all of its batteries.

Meeting the needs of the modern, cross-disciplinary tradespeople, FEIN Select spans more than 20 machines in FEIN’s range and gives tradespeople complete choice over how they combine FEIN’s tools and batteries. When combined with the recent upgrade to all of FEIN’s batteries to increase power and run times, FEIN’s range of cordless tools have never been more adaptable and user friendly.

All 12V and 18V tools in the FEIN Select range are available as body-only or with battery sets included and can be paired with each other in any combination to create unique sets. Additional batteries can then be purchased separately or in battery starter sets, which include a rapid charger and two Li-ion batteries.

Designed to offer significant savings to the end user, FEIN Select enables tradespeople to make the most of the batteries and tools already in their possession and build up their collection in the most economical way. What’s more, every bare tool comes with its own high quality FEIN tool case.

Andy Mills, National Sales Manager at FEIN, commented: “FEIN Select offers our customers complete freedom in choosing exactly what they want from our range. While we will continue to produce traditional combo-sets with trade-oriented pairings, FEIN Select recognises the economies that body-only deals offer existing customers. Such deals will continue to come with our industry renowned FEIN toolbox and carry cases. This new initiative is particularly useful for tradespeople that practice multiple disciplines as they can build unique sets based on their needs.”

This announcement from FEIN comes shortly after it upgraded its batteries across its cordless range from 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah to 2.5Ah and 5.0Ah offering increased power and run times. FEIN’s battery packs are developed specifically to ensure a long service life and high levels of consistent performance. The FEIN SafetyCell technology and separate communication cable offer protection to the individual cells within the battery and protect from damage resulting from overload, overheating or total discharge.

In addition, every tool included in FEIN Select is covered by the company’s industry leading three-year FEIN PLUS warranty, which covers the machines, batteries and charger, subject to an online registration.

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