New Year, new CO2 milestone reached thanks to customers

CO2. It’s the hottest topic about climate change facing us today. By partnering with the Cool Earth initiative, Fuel Card Services has proven its determination to help do something about it. And thanks to support from thousands of its customers, a major CO2. milestone was reached this New Year.

One million tonnes of CO2 has now been stored safely in trees – rather than simply offset – thanks to Fuel Card Servicesmost recent donation to Cool Earth’s deforestation projects in the Peru. That’s equivalent to a fleet of 5,700 cars driving to the moon and back.

To appreciate this achievement, let’s remind ourselves about the importance of CO2. Think of it as Earth’s thermostat: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the most important gas for controlling the temperature of our planet. It’s one of the “greenhouse gases” (along with methane and halocarbons) that absorbs energy such as heat emitted by the Earth and reflects it back trapping heat inside, like a greenhouse.

Without these greenhouse gases, Earth would be a chilly -18 °C. With too many of them, Earth would be like Venus where the atmosphere traps the temperature at a sizzling 400 °C.

For several decades, humans have been generating more carbon dioxide than Earth’s oceans can absorb, or its land plants breath in. Carbon offsetting schemes help, but they simply match one carbon “footprint” to an equivalent reduction in emissions elsewhere in the world – which, in most cases, would have happened anyway.

Cool Earth does things differently. Its community-led deforestation project helps preserve trees that not only soak up CO2 but store it safely away. Just one acre of trees can lock-in over 260 tonnes of CO2.

Fuel Card Services collaborated with Cool Earth to launch their CO2Count service, which provides accurate reporting of vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions for all customers. For every CO2Count Certificate issued, Fuel Card Services makes a donation to Cool Earth’s community-led deforestation projects in Peru.

Matthew Owen, Cool Earth's Director said, "We've been lucky enough to partner with Fuel Card Services for the past three years. Thanks to them, there are a million fewer tonnes of climate-warming CO2 in the atmosphere.”

And as well as keeping 3,700 acres of at-risk rainforest safe from the loggers,” Matthew added, “Fuel Card Services has transformed lives. Their support has also equipped schools, installed safe drinking water, made childbirth safer and boosted incomes for some of the world’s poorest people.”

To find out more, and see how easy it is to turn your vehicles’ mileage into environmental good that goes the distance, register for their free Green Journey updates.

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