Thompson’s launches newest range building chemicals

It’s been an exciting few months for the Thompson’s brand. Known for its famous waterproofing range, with the launch of a new range of Building Chemicals products, plus a redesigned website has moved the brand into several exciting new categories.

With more than 40 new products, the Building Chemicals range caters to six key areas including; roofing, admixtures, flooring, cement and mortar repair, cleaners, and putties and adhesives.  The team at Thompson’s have invested heavily into speaking to end users and merchants to ensure the range is inclusive and makes an impact in store. As Marc Olding, Thompsons Marketing Manager explains: “We felt that it was important to work closely together with merchants and end users in order to gain a genuine understanding of what they needed and what they felt was missing from the market.

“We have taken this information on board and it is reflected in the range and support we’ve brought to the market. Our Building Chemicals range is now complete with 42 products that compliment the rest of the range”

The new packaging also reflects end user thoughts on what could be improved in the market. Black packs have been introduced throughout the range to ensure the brand stands out on shelf. Getting the pack right was kay to the project. “End-user insight told us the trade is looking to make a quick decision in this category. This is why we’ve ensured each product is clearly differentiated from one another, and the product name is clearly highlighted on pack. Another feature that appealed to the trade was including useful technical information on the front of pack as a quick reference guide for mix ratios, coverage etc”.

The Thompson’s website has also been relaunched with 9 new categories, updated FAQ’s and easy access to technical data sheets.

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