Total sales of unique new technology cavity wall spacer system

Total sales of unique new technology cavity wall spacer system surpass 500,000 mark as Somerset firm introduces new product

Somerset business SureCav is celebrating with Yeovil firm Cavity Trays as it reaches production of its half millionth unit of this unique innovative technology designed for cavity wall construction that ensures clean and moisture free cavities, providing more floor space and allowing better insulation within the wall cavity.

This milestone marks a collaboration between two Somerset firms with SureCav inventing and patenting a system that not only protects the environment by using 100 per cent recycled plastic but also sees half a million sheets sold replacing the equivalent of 2.7 million 100mm concrete blocks. This equates to 700 tons of plastic replacing 50,000 tons of concrete. In terms of transportation, SureCav would require just 77 lorries compared with 2,500 lorries if concrete blocks were used instead of SureCav.

SureCav has worked very successfully with Cavity Trays of Yeovil since 2011. Cavity Trays engineered the injection moulding templates that produce the SureCav system and also distribute SureCav throughout the country.

Entrepreneur and inventor of SureCav, Charlie Ayers, explains more, "SureCav was something I developed back in 2000 when I was managing the construction of a large 3,500sq ft. timber frame bungalow with an outside skin of natural stone. The builder had decided to forego the use of a concrete backing block, and instead was using timber shutters to support the stonework.

"This led to various problems including contamination of the cavity with mortar and slowing the build process. I realised there must be a better way to improve building quality."

Charlie sat down at his kitchen table with a few soft-drink bottle-necks stuck to a piece of cardboard. From this simple design, the unique SureCav system was born forming a wall of plastic that protects the cavity from moisture and mortar contamination.

Like many brilliant ideas, this one took a few years to come to market, but in 2004 SureCav50 received its first BBA Certificate 04/4154. In 2005 Professional Builder magazine declared it as "product of the year".

SureCav has now introduced SureCav25 forming a 25mm cavity, built to the high standards of SureCav50 with the same specification. SureCav25 is the only accepted way to form a protected 25mm cavity and is the answer to the problem of achieving lower U-Values by providing more space for insulation, thus reducing heat loss from the building.

SureCav is sold throughout the UK and is currently used by a number of major housing developers including Taylor Wimpey, Redrow, Barratt Homes, Linden Homes, Persimmon Homes and Bloor Homes. Developers use it, not least because of the gaining of up to 7.6% extra floor space which now becomes available thanks to the fact that 100mm concrete backing blocks are no longer required. It is also a quicker, cheaper build with a saving of up to £15 per square metre against the cost of using backing blocks.

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