Dudden Construction Ltd was in the process of adding an extension to a cliff side property in Fowey, Cornwall, and this was to include a fitness suite with an aqua trainer and hot tub both sunk into the floor. The client wanted the aqua trainer and hot tub to be hidden under the floor when not in use.

Dudden came up with the idea of having sections of the floor acting as covers that could be raised to ceiling height and then lowered back in place as and when required and they asked Linian Crane and Hoist Company to design and manufacture a suitable and bespoke winching system as there was not any standard lifting or winching equipment on the market that would satisfy all the criteria and overcome the various constraints.

The requirements were that the system should be unobtrusive, safe, reliable and general fit in with the high quality appearance of the finished suite.

D2Linian designed special winches that could be installed in a very tight ceiling cavity. Each winch had two drums and two hoist wires were paid out from each drum. The winches were to operate on 240 volt single phase power supply and be fitted with upper and lower working and safety limit switches for safe and accurate positioning. Each winch wire terminated in a cleverly designed hook/key attachment which could locate in recessed lugs on the floor covers to be lifted. The hoist wires and attachments were manufactured from stainless steel.

Attractive polished aluminium push button control stations were wall mounted in convenient positions.

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Linian Crane & Hoist Company, said ““This is yet another great example of Linian’s ability to tailor bespoke lifting solutions to customer’s individual and specific requirements”.

Ben Dudden, Managing Director of Dudden Construction Ltd, commented

“Linian did a terrific job designing the winch system for our project. Communication was easy and efficient despite the long distance from their base. Linian were a pleasure to work with”.

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